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WINS Investment is a private fund management company focused on the field of real estate, invested by Gemdale (600383), a leading listed real estate company in China, forming an important part of Gemdale’s “one body with two wings” strategy. WINS Investment has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Wuhan with about 70 senior professionals.

The team of Wins Investment started its exploration to domestic real estate finance as early as in 2006. The USD fund established by Wins in cooperation with world-famous UBSin 2008 was the first standardized real estate privately-offered fund in China. The company began to expand its RMB fund services in 2010. So far, it has become a leader of Chinese real estate funds.From 2012 to 2017, the company has been appraised as top 10 RMB real estate fund by such authorities as Zero21PO Group and BRIC Forum. So far, the scale of the privately-offered funds of real estate accumulatively under the management of the companyhas surpassed RMB 30 billion. 


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