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Up to the end of December 2017, Wins Investment had realized an accumulative total of 32.7 billion Yuan for RMB AUM and 0.2 billion dollars for USD AUM, which equated to RMB 34.1 billion Yuan for overall accumulative total of AUM.


Cumulative RMB fund size
32.7 billion Yuan

Cumulative US dollar fund size
0.2 billion Yuan

Cumulative management scale
34.1billion Yuan

Gemdale started exploration of real estate finance services, and carried out project cooperation with such international large financial institutions as ING and Morgan Stanley successively.

Gemdale worked together with UBS Global Asset Management Group to launch UBS- Gemdale China Real Estate Fund I abroad, which successfully raised 210 million U.S. dollars.

WINS was officially established to start exploration of RMB real estate fund business, and established a single equity fund.

Up to December 2017, Wins Investment had total reached 34.1 billion Yuan of RMB and USD Asset Under Management (AUM), which was rated as Top 10 of best RMB real estate fund management company by authorities, such as 'BRIC Forum', China Financing and China Index Academy.

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