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【Ten–year Tempering, Win-win Future】Gemdale Group WINS Investment 2019 Investors Annual Conference and 10th Anniversary Celebration
【WINS Honor】WINS Investment Shanghai No. 8 Bridge Project honorably won “International Finance & Real Estate Innovation Awards”



On May 9, 2019, sponsored by International Federation of Finance and Real Estate (IFFRE), “International Finance and Real Estate Innovation Summit 2019” officially kicked off at JW Marriott Hotel, Beijing. The theme of this summit is “Upgrading and Transformation-Leading the New Age of Change”. Industry big-shots from home and abroad shared their insights on such hot issues as the new direction of China's macroeconomic and financial policies, the opportunities of new business and new finance, the development of asset securitization in China, the best practices of urban regeneration and stock transformation, and the exploration of new opportunities for the development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Xin Yong, General Manager of WINS Investment Strategic Development Department, was invited to attend the Summit, and conducted a penetrating analysis and discussion with several other industry experts and leaders at the round table forum entitled “New Trends of Urban Regeneration: Asset Management + Green + Tech”.



As China's first awards focusing on recognizing the achievements of finance and real estate innovation, “International Finance & Real Estate Innovation Awards” were announced at this summit. WINS Investment honorably won the “International Finance and Real Estate Innovation Awards: Investment and Finance Innovation - Gold Award” by its "Shanghai No. 8 Bridge Project".



WINS Investment honorably won the "International Finance and Real Estate Innovation Awards: Investment and Finance Innovation - Gold Award" by its "Shanghai No. 8 Bridge Project".


International Finance & Real Estate Innovation Awards aim to promote the development of China's financial real estate industry, demonstrate the outstanding achievements of the industry, popularize outstanding brands, business models and market examples, and recognize the excellence and innovation of the real estate industry. The appraisal committee of the awards is composed of many elite leaders from the real estate finance industry and professors from Business School of Renmin University, who examine and score the appraised projects from such perspectives as innovation, challenge, execution, achievement and industry influence, dedicated to finding out the most referable practical cases of financial real estate innovation and establishing the most professional and comprehensive excellent case database of real estate industry in China. The data of the award-winning projects may be selected into the case database of Business School of Renmin University, and become the teaching material of Business School of Renmin University, bringing new insights and inspirations to the new-generation and future entrepreneurs.



“Jiashi Gemdale No. 8 Bridge Asset-backed Securities Special Plan”, abbreviated as "Bridge 8 ABS”, is the first "Light Asset" asset securitization product of cultural creativity industry park in China, initiated and established by WINS Investment as a trading consultant and general coordinator, together with strategic partner Jiashi Capital. It has opened up a model of financial innovation operation for the operation of "Light Asset" projects of cultural creativity parks. Shanghai No. 8 Bridge is located in New Place Business Circle, Luwan District, Shanghai, covering an area of 19,303 square meters. It is one of the first agglomeration areas of creative industry in Shanghai. Its original site was former Shanghai Automobile Brake Factory, Shenbei Machinery Factory, Baixiang Battery Factory and Yarn-dyed Fabric No. 3 Factory. From 2003, with the support of Shanghai Municipal Government, Economic Commission and Luwan District People's Government, Kicers Group successively carried out renovation, investment promotion and operation management to the old factory buildings, and turned the old factory buildings with unique historical and cultural connotations into new carriers to attract creative talents, stimulate creative inspirations and gather creative industries. In 2015, Gemdale Properties and Investment Corporation Limited completed the equity acquisition of Shanghai No. 8 Bridge Project and cooperated with Kicers Group in a series of products in the form of strategic joint venture. "Shanghai No. 8 Bridge Project" has effectively improved the urban appearance of the region, supported the upgrading and transformation of traditional enterprises, created new growth points of tax revenue and employment for the locality, and achieved the balance of enterprise benefits and social benefits.




The product of “Bridge 8 ABS”---Three key words 


Key word 1—Innovation


“Jiashi Gemdale No. 8 Bridge Asset-backed Securities Special Plan” is the first "light asset" asset securitization product of cultural creativity parks in the history of ABS in China. Through the effective cash flow demonstration, the unsecured reasonable financing scale product model of "light asset" products has been realized.


Key word 2---High efficiency


        The bottom-level asset is the rental income of the project in the future. By relying on the support of Gemdale Group, and effectively demonstrating the future income promotion capability driven by cash flow and asset management, we can acquire a healthy and effective financial lever, and form a high-efficiency financial model of “light asset” products of cultural creativity parks.


Key word 3—High quality


This project is the renovation project in the central area of a first-tier city. The earliest and symbolic agglomeration area of creative industry in Shanghai has formed a strong competitive advantage which has a stable income but still has a space of growth and promotion based on many years of operation. It is a classic case of realizing urban regeneration and value growth through excellent asset operation and management.



Shanghai No. 8 Bridge Project----Triple strategic significance


At the level of enterprise development, the product of “ Bridge 8 ABS” has optimized the healthy financing model and the efficiency of capital use. At the level of business strategy, based on the reasonable demonstration of such factors as the rationality and stability of basic assets, the development potential of the project, the growth of rent, the multiple of cash flow coverage, financing quota and leverage ratio, the product of “Bridge 8 ABS” has laid the foundation for the technical demonstration of “light asset” projects such as industrial park, joint office, apartments for long-term rent and so on. At the level of capital market, through a lot of practice and demonstration at the project level, it has contributed to the development of REITs products in China.

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