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【Ten–year Tempering, Win-win Future】Gemdale Group WINS Investment 2019 Investors Annual Conference and 10th Anniversary Celebration
【Ten–year Tempering, Win-win Future】Gemdale Group WINS Investment 2019 Investors Annual Conference and 10th Anniversary Celebration


On June 14, 2019, “Ten–year Tempering, Win-win Future”---Gemdale Group WINS Investment 2019 Investors Annual Conference and 10th Anniversary Celebration officially kicked off at Wanda Vista Beijing.



This event was sponsored by WINS Investment, a professional real estate investment institution owned by Gemdale Group. Upon invitation, Professor Wang Zhongmin, former Vice Chairman of National Council for Social Security Fund, Mr. Ling Ke, Chairman of Gemdale Group, Mr. Hao Yibin, Vice President of Gemdale Group, Mr. Xu Yafeng, President of WINS Investment, Mr. Li Fude, Managing Director of WINS Investment, Mr. Kou Yu, Executive Director of WINS Investment, as well as senior managers, industry elites from banks, securities, trust, asset management companies, fund companies and other industrial sectors together participated in the event. Many experts and scholars and industry tycoons delivered wonderful speeches and conducted round-table discussions on such hot issues as the new financial pattern of China in 2019, real estate investment opportunities and investment strategies, the core value-added strategy of real estate funds and the development direction of REITs.



Ling Ke, Chairman of Gemdale Group


Mr. Ling Ke, Chairman of Gemdale Group, delivered a speech for the conference. Chairman Ling first reviewed the experience and achievements of Gemdale Group in real estate finance at the beginning of entrepreneurship. Since Gemdale Group and UBS jointly created the first US dollar fund, and successfully raised and invested more than US $200 million, WINS Investment, as the strategic carrier of Gemdale Group's real estate financial business, has been vigorously developing diversified investment business in the past decade, centering around equity investment in housing development projects, and has been cooperating closely with banks, securities, trust, insurance, asset management and other companies, and has also brought very good returns to investors. Chairman Ling affirmed the good performance of Gemdale Group and WINS Investment in the diversified investment business centering around equity investment in housing development real estate projects in the past decade, and hoped that WINS Investment would reinforce its exploration and investment in office buildings, commercial centers, industrial parks and other fields. Chairman Ling expected that in the future, WINS Investment would continue to adhere to the original intention of Gemdale Group: “Working diligently and remaining honest and creditworthy”, and give first priority to bringing the maximum returns to investors. While further consolidating its good performance in the equity investment in existing real estate development projects, WINS Investment would actively explore its strategy for real estate investment and operation of held and operated assets, and the issuance and withdrawal of financial products. By coordinating Gemdale Group’s high-quality resources in development and construction consulting and agency construction, WINS Investment would expand the scope of its investment, further improve its investment efficiency, continue to carry out more in-depth cooperation with various business partners, and try to expand and strengthen WINS’ business.



Xu Yafeng, President of WINS Investment


Mr. Xu Yafeng, President of WINS Investment, delivered a welcoming speech on behalf of the sponsor of the conference. President Xu first extended a warm welcome to the leaders and guests present. Next, Xu reviewed the development process and brilliant achievements of WINS in the past decade. From the initial relatively-simple extensive development to the continuous specialized and standardized operation in recent years, WINS Investment has been continuously exploring a more competitive business development model, so as to seek better returns for investors. By its professional management capacity and keen industry insight, WINS Investment has not only been steadily promoting its investment in the real estate field, but also coordinating with Gemdale Group to carry out the business model of “investment + agency construction”, and has desirably achieved win-win cooperation with small and medium-sized developers. In addition, with the advent of the stock era, WINS Investment has been constantly exploring the financial model of sustainable development. On the future development, President Xu said that WINS Investment would take the double-wheel drive model of “PE + REITs” as its core strategy, continue to strengthen its exploration in the field of real estate finance innovation on the basis of the steady progress of its original advantageous business, and create more cooperation opportunities and investment returns for investors, so as to achieve multi-party win-win!



Wang Zhongmin, former Vice President of National Council for Social Security Fund


Professor Wang Zhongmin, former vice-chairman of National Council for Social Security Fund, delivered a keynote speech entitled “The Scene and Logic of the New Financial Pattern”. Professor Wang made an incisive and comprehensive analysis of the new financial pattern from various perspectives. Professor Wang began with the story about the financial allocation with Chinese characteristics and, with practical cases, vividly described the market value brought by urbanization to the real estate field in China. In the course of his speech, Professor Wang repeatedly mentioned the impact of financial credit on the changes of the whole market and emphasized that in the context of the new regulations on capital management, how to transform financial credit into credit wealth had very positive and far-reaching significance for companies and even for the whole social environment. Recently, Sino-US trade frictions have become increasingly fierce. Due to the outbreak of global currency risks caused by such factors as the impact of credit and the effect of exchange rate, China's economy is now facing severe challenges. Professor Wang used practical cases for interpretation and proposed the idea of using Hong Kong market for effective financial links, emphasizing the importance of effective allocation of capital. Finally, Professor Wang also made a judgment of huge market potential on the most popular securitization and REITs market at present.



Li Fude, Managing Director of WINS Investment


Mr. Li Fude, Managing Director of WINS Investment, shared a report entitled “Grasping the Investment Opportunity under the Dual Change of Policy and Industry--the Business Direction and Strategic Conception of WINS Investment”. First, he shared his view on how to judge the market trend and actively respond to and effectively grasp the investment opportunities in the context of strict policy and market regulation. Mr. Li pointed out that, with regard to the equity investment in real estate projects, although the growth of the market slowed down, there was still a lot of development space and opportunities; some key cities gradually changed from the incremental market to the stock market; the urban regeneration opportunity and the bulk property trade were gradually active, the financing of asset securitization increased obviously, and REITs had a huge market potential, involving a lot of business opportunity. After that, Mr. Li briefed the investment institutions on WINS’ business situation, investment preference, investment strategy and medium and long-term strategic concept, establishing effective communication for future cooperation with the institutions. On the other hand, Mr. Li stressed that WINS’ business development focused on value-oriented investment and active management. With regard to WINS’ future development, Li explained its diversified comprehensive business system in detail, and emphasized its strategic concept of active innovation based on traditional business and the double-wheel drive of “PE + REITs”. In the future, WINS Investment will continue to adhere to the investment concept of “Value discovery and value creation”, and carry out all-round cooperation with the partners with an altruistic mentality, so as to achieve a win-win result.



Round Table Forum Ⅰ-- Investment strategy in the era of real estate capital



Round Table Forum II—Exploration to the core value-added strategy of real estate fund and the development direction of REITs


At the forum, round table discussion was also conducted on such topics as the investment strategy in the era of real estate capital, the core value-added strategy of real estate funds and the development direction of REITs. The guests invited for the discussion include Ye Lingfeng, vice president of Chongqing Trust, Ji Xuebin, deputy general manager of Huaxin Trust, Chen Cong, chief executive of Citic Securities Real Estate, Li Xiaoming, assistant president of Guangdong Private Investment, Li Chengran, director of Strategic Clients No. 3 Department of China Merchants Bank. Min Jia, Managing Director of China Life Capital, Lv Zhiwei, President of ARA China, Li Peng, General Manager of Ping An Basic Industry Investment Fund, Ma Zhaoliang, Senior Vice President of Institutional Bond Investment Department of China Asset Management, Zhao Ran, Director of KKR, and other senior managers in the financial circles. Many big-shot experts expressed their clear views with witty words. They conducted in-depth and heated discussion on hot issues on the market such as how to judge and find out new opportunities for real estate investment in face of policy changes and industry changes, the focus of attention and investment direction of the core value-added strategy of real estate funds and the development path of pure REITs in China, so that the guests present were immersed in the shock and pleasure brought about by the ideological collision. 



This year marks the 10th anniversary of the founding of WINS Investment. With the trust, support and help of all walks of life, WINS Investment has gradually grown into a leader in the field of private equity funds of real estate in China. The past ten years have witnessed our adherence to sincerity and our unswerving efforts. The achievements that WINS has made so far, should be partially attributed to the full support of Gemdale Group, the hard work of every WINS employee, and the accompaniment of every partner all the way. At the 10th Anniversary Dinner of WINS Investment, we invited the guests to jointly enjoy the dinner, witness WINS’ harvest of ten years of hard work and share WINS’ joy of achievements. On the other hand, we hereby express our most sincere respect and thanks to the concern and help of the people from relevant circles. 

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